Director's Message

Hello and greetings from Don Bosco English School. Our School is known for its academic excellence and value education. Our students undergo a collaborative and futuristic learning experience. We want students to dream beyond what they think is possible and achieve it.

We at Don Bosco English School believe in continuous innovation that is centered on an unwavering commitment to our core values of Leadership, Discipline, Academic Excellence and Service. We expect commitment, discipline and hard work from our students, teachers and staff. To allow for this, we take pride in offering cutting edge facilities, a secure, vibrant and growth oriented atmosphere.

Even after 15 years in teaching and school administration, one is required to constantly push the limits of teaching methodologies and mindsets. Students are motivated to channelize their potential in the pursuit of excellence in a holistic, student-centered environment.

The chief motive of our institution is to synthesize the modern knowledge and technology with ancient heritage, Vedic values and Indian culture.


Mr. Sanjay Singh