Pre-Primary Section


[ Building No. 2 | Nursery: 1.00 PM to 3:00 PM ]

[ Building No. 2 | Junior KG and Senior KG: 1.00 PM to 4:40 PM ]

Pre Primary section in DON BOSCO ENGLISH SCHOOL is known for its student friendly atmosphere and special care taking and molding abilities of pre-primary children by our staff. The teachers appointed are specialized for Pre-Primary Programme. Because of discipline and cultural values imbibed on to children this is the prominent place to start your child’s education. Distinguished Play–way methods are introduced to the children so that they start understanding objects, meanings, and alphabets and grasp the things easily.

At this age, Children are enabling to express themselves. We believe creativity is in-born in every child and that by encouraging imagination, children become enthusiastic. Such enthusiastic learning environment helps them to imbibe habits like reading, singing, drawing as well as mingling with other kids and interacting with others.

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